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About Us


We are Four Frames Photo Booth! That's right, us, Derek and Lindsay. People always ask us if it's ours.....and yes it is, it's our booth baby! We designed, built and now operate the photo booth. We both wanted to have a fun job, a job that made us laugh and made others smile. A job that allowed one to wear a bowler hat, a bow tie and suspenders and call it a uniform. A job that made people let their sillies out, let their hair down and allowed them to put on a moustache, a funny hat or a boa and let loose.

Four Frames Photo Booth is based on Vancouver Island and if requested will travel to the the Mainland, heck we'll even travel to Halifax if you so desire ( a small travel fee will apply). One of the big things in designing our own booth was that it be accessible for those with mobility issues. So guess what?!? We did just that and larger groups are also able to sneak in for fun pics. The more the merrier we say and we are also available to be used as props if needed. More than owning and operating the booth we love, I mean LOVE taking photos.

We pride our selves on the quality of our photos. That's what your paying for and that's what we're offering. Our soft studio lighting provides evenly lit photos each and every time. Our experience in photography is what prompted us to build our own booth. We wanted to provide our customers with images that look great not only on the prints but also when enlarged.

We saw this button while out and about that read "A good snapshot stops a moment from running away". This sentiment illustrates why we love what we do. The photo booth documents special events and marvelous moments in the lives of those in our community and all over the island. We are very fortunate to capture the smiles, the silly faces and other unmentionables of all the wonderful people who enter the booth!

Some call us the Cadillac of booths, so might as well take us out for a test drive and see what all the fun is about!

So grab a prop and get in the booth!

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