Open Air Studio

Fashioned after a vintage large format camera complete with bellows, our custom built studios combine both the retro feel of an old camera

with the updated technology available today. 


The Details

Packages include:

* Props

* Set up and tear down
* A professional booth attendant(s)
* Unlimited sessions
* Choice of customized 2x6" or 4x6" layout
* Backdrop
* Secure online password protected gallery

Custom activation's and awesome add-ons available to enhance your rental.


Requirements: We recommend at least 8ft x 8ft to set up

but can be flexible to meet your space requirements. Access to level ground and a standard 110V outlet.

The bigger area though, the better, so we can  get all your pals in for a group shot!






Our open format studios use DSLR cameras and studio lighting to ensure your photos look great each and every time.

No editing required. 





Your guests view themselves in real-time. Strike that perfect pose and get ready to let your laughter rip. 





We host your event photos on a password protected online gallery following your event. It includes free downloads of all your favourite photos.




With our wide selection of backdrops there is something for every them.

Custom sets, branded backdrops available.

Contact us to get creative!






Our studio rentals  come with a photo booth attendant(s) to ensure your interact with guests and to make sure everyone's having a blast!




Our outrageous prop selection is

filled with unique and wacky items.

Theme Party?

Let's chat!

Custom props available.



Share Station

Share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter via Email an Text in real time for social sharing. Our kiosk is a separate station so none of the action is interrupted.

Lead capture, event analytics and impressions available for corporate events and brand activations.

Unlimited Prints

Each and every person, every single time receives a print. Ten people in the photo, 10 prints printed. 

Guests leave with stacks of photos at the end of your event.

Custom Backdrops & Sets

Make your rental stand out with a custom themed backdrop or set. 

Lounge style studio options available. 

Let's curate a memorable experience for your guests.




Messages from your guests and photos from the booth all put together on site.

One strip for the book and the other for your guests to take home a keepsake from the night.



Why choose one backdrop when you can take a quick trip to Paris, a deep sea dive and hang out in a haunted house without leaving your venue?

Completely customized to fit your theme and wow your guests. 

4x6 Single Image

One Shot Portrait Station takes one simple picture.
Prints can be branded with your event logo or a simple message to the guest.

Pucker up, strike a pose and get ready for your one shot!

Best suited for the Open Air Studio our One Shot Portrait Station takes one simple picture.


Prints are branded with your event logo or a simple message to the guest.


Optional Glam Lighting is available to give your photos an

Old Hollywood feel, perfect for galas and 1920's themed events.