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Taking silly picture taking seriously since 2011.

What started out as one photo booth in Tofino, B.C.
has grown to a small fleet of Booths and Open Air Studios servicing Vancouver Island.

We both wanted a fun job, a job that made us laugh and others smile.
A job that allowed one to wear a bowler hat, a bow tie and suspenders and call it a uniform. 
A job that made people let their sillies out,  let their hair down and allowed them to put on a moustache,
a funny hat and let loose.





Life can be very serious and moments of silliness few and far between.
The moment someone steps in front of our cameras much of that weight seems to disappear.
A sly smile slowly spreads across their face and belly laughs, high 5's and hugs often are the end product.
Our goal is not simply taking photos but creating an experience that lasts long
after the final shot has been taken.
We are memory makers, experience creators and laughter generators.

Years of experience in photography is what prompted us to build our own rentals.
Our custom built Booths & Studios were designed with comfort, style and accessibility in mind.
Now located in Victoria, B.C. we continue to document special events and marvelous moments in the lives of those in our community and all over the Island

They say, "A good snapshot stops a moment from running away".
This sentiment illustrates why we love what we do.
We are very fortunate to capture the smiles, the silly faces and other unmentionables of all the
wonderful people we meet!

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