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Audio Guestbook Victoria

Audio Guestbook

A creative alternative to the traditional guestbook.

The Audio Guestbook records all

your guests' silly, sentimental, & sweet voicemails.


How it Works:

Pick up the phone, await instruction.

At the beep, you leave a message.

Hang up the phone

And repeat!

Following the event we send you the audio files to enjoy.

A simple and fun way to capture all the voices

and cherished moments from your big day.

Personalized Greeting

Send us a voicemail in advance and we add it to the phone.

When your friends and families pick up, your greeting will prompt them to leave a message


We send a gallery of the voicemails within 48 hours of the event. If it's a grab and go phone, once the phone has been returned we'll get those messages off to you within 48 hrs.



Your guests can leave as many messages as they want. 


We provide a sign that lights up to let guests know how to use the phone.

It's really that simple!


 Let the good times be recorded.

Available to rent for weddings, annversaries, birthdays, community events and celebrations of life.

Audio Guestbook Rental Victoria

The Finer Details

Rates: $450 plus applicable taxes.

For those that can't make it, we've got you covered.

All audio guestbook rentals come with unique number for your out of town guests to call in. All the voicemails are added to your gallery of message. 

Details: 3 day rental

Pick up at our office prior to your event and return to the same location.

Within 48 hours we will send you the audio files.

Office located in Saanich.


Pair with any 3 hr Studio Rental or Digital Drop and receive a $100 discount.

Can't pick up the phone, we've got you. Delivery and pick up options available.

Out of town, we've got you.

Shipping available, send us an inquiry.

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